The science behind PEMF in a nutshell

What does PEMF have to do with our health? They say the truth is always simple, so here goes: 

What is the smallest component that makes up our bodies? Cells? No. Atoms? No. Ultimately we consist of tiny ELECTRICAL charges, so is it really that surprising that our bodies react so well to electrical treatments like PEMF? But there is more...

The earth's electromagnetic field (EM) has a certain resonance and frequency, which has a stimulating effect on living tissue. So it makes sense to stay in touch with the earth's EM, right? That might not always be so easy in our modern society, as there is so much 'electro smog' around i.e. artificial frequencies (like WiFi, electricity cables, computers, mobile phones). Besides, we often live in high rise buildings with cement foundations, go to work in high rise buildings, wear rubber soles, drive in cars - all of which can weaken our daily exposure.

So PEMF therapy supplements that beautifully, as it pretty much simulates the earth's magnetic field and enables our bodies again to do what they do best: self-heal. Even just an 8 minute session can go a long way.

If you would like to find out more about PEMF and would also like reliable and evidence-based facts, is a great place to start.


Immediate effects of PEMF

Red blood cells can be observed before (L) and immediately after application (R) with the iMRS on the body mat. On the left you can clearly see how the cells appear clumped and stacked; unable to vibrate as they should.

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Further Evidence

Here you can find a selection of scientific studies and trials which prove the health benefits of PEMF for different conditions: