So why do I need PEMF therapy?

Life on earth is dependent on the earth's electro magnetic field (or EMF for short). We need regular exposure to this field and the low frequencies in particular. In our modern society with its many artificial frequencies (electrosmog), high-rise living and working, cement foundations in our homes etc, that is not always possible. This deficiency can directly affect our health and well-being, so PEMF provides a safe alternative to these much needed frequencies.

Is PEMF treatment good for everyone?

PEMF therapy is not bound by age and is safe to enjoy from two week old babies to adults. We could all do with a boost sometimes. Perhaps you are suffering from chronic pain, are too stressed to think clearly, are just recovering from surgery, have injured yourself in the gym...there are so many conditions that PEMF has had a positive result on.

However, if you have a pacemaker or other electronic implant, you are pregnant or suffer from epilepsy, you are advised not to use it.

Does PEMF hurt?

There are different Pemf devices around and they all give you a different experience. However, the Pemf device we use (the iMRS) is absolutely pain-free; you might feel a slight tingling, but that is it. The therapy is also totally non-invasive, so you can even keep your clothes on!

So is PEMF therapy a cure ?

The answer to that is no. PEMF is not a cure; it's an enabler. Apply PEMF regularly and your body has a better chance to restore itself to full health and maintain an equilibrium.

There are no known side effects to PEMF treatment.

How long do the sessions last?

The PEMF Wellness sessions are either 8, 16 or 24 minutes, depending on your needs.

For your first session, please allow an extra 10 minutes to carry out a full consultation.

Payment & Cancellation policy

You can pay with cash or bank transfer at the end of your session.

Treatments may be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to appointment time. Cancellations less than 24 hours before the appointment time will be charged at 50% of the full treatment price.

How long has PEMF been around?

Using magnets for healing is not a new thing; even Mr. Aristotle was a fan. But in PEMF therapy, magnetism is used in combination with electricity (something Albert Einstein himself proved to be related).

Therapies like PEMF have been used in Europe & Asia for decades and biological research into magnetic waves first began nearly a century ago.

Is your PEMF equipment safe?

Absolutely. The equipment I use, the iMRS, is made by Swiss Bionic Solutions, which is the only worldwide company that fulfils all countries' requirements for supplying PEMF-devices for home use.